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Aerogen improves the lives of vulnerable patients worldwide through superior aerosol drug delivery – ultimately transforming respiratory care.
Dedicated to scientific excellence, Aerogen innovates based on what’s best for the patient and care team and is focused on:
-Bringing peace of mind to patients and loved ones by safely and rapidly delivering more medication to the lungs, increasing speed of recovery.
-Helping care providers more effectively treat patients, while also empowering them to focus on strategic tasks and reducing their risk of exposure to patient-generated infectious aerosols.
-Assisting health systems to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, reduce admissions, increase hospital discharges and decrease length of stay by more safely and effectively getting medications to patients.
-Helping to drive the next generation of effective and safer aerosol medication delivery for the treatment of many of the world’s most difficult health issues, in partnership with pharmaceutical companies
Product type: Ventilation technologies, Anesthesia / Intensive care, Healthcare, Single-use material
Booth 27

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