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Entegrion was founded in 2002 as a privately-owned life science company focused on novel hemostasis technologies, receiving more than $100 million in support from the United States Department of Defense. Gaining experience in this space and working with the guidance of experts, the company identified a need to bring the valuable diagnostic system of viscoelastic testing into the field. On this premise, the VCM and VCM Vet were founded. The VCM Vet entered the veterinary market in 2018, and is now utilized in a wide range of clinical settings. The VCM earned CE marks and became commercially available in Europe in the same year. Its availability in European ICUs played a crucial role in patient-side diagnostics during the COVID-19 pandemic, when immediate evaluation of a patient’s full clotting cascade was more valuable than ever. Validation of a heel stick assay expanded the VCM’s utilization to neonatal ICUs, supporting the evaluation and treatment of some of Europe’s most vulnerable patients. The VCM is currently pending FDA approval, and is available for research and investigational use in the United States.
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