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Intelligent Ultrasound is a leading ‘classroom to clinic’ ultrasound company, specialising in providing real-time, virtual reality simulation for the ultrasound training market (‘classroom’) and artificial intelligence-based clinical image analysis software tools for the diagnostic medical ultrasound market (‘clinic’).

Ultrasound Simulation: We deliver world-class, high-fidelity ultrasound simulation technologies (including BodyWorks, NeedleTrainer and Anatomy PNB) to make ultrasound simpler to use, and easier to learn.

Artificial Intelligence: Our clinical-AI products, including ScanNav Anatomy Peripheral Nerve Block (PNB), harness the power of AI to improve the accuracy and standardisation of ultrasound procedures in clinical practice.

To date over 1,400 systems have been installed in more than 700 medical institutions around the world.
Product type: Simulation
Booth 83

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